Meet the Team

The faces of the passionate folks behind The Teacher App. Our team is located all across North America – ready to connect teachers locally.

Alana - Team Member of The Teacher App

Alana (She/Her)

Director of Product Development

Alana is a Toronto-based freelance graphic designer. Currently finishing her last year of Graphic Design at George Brown College, she pairs a broad range of creative leadership experience as well as oversees projects and assists start-ups with brand identities, strategies, and promotional materials. Mental health has always been a struggle at different stages of our lives. 

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Amanda - Founder of The Teacher App

Amanda (She/Her)

Executive Director & Founder

Educator, student, advocate, and friend. After attending a collaboration session with in 2021, Amanda was inspired to share her vision for The Teacher App with fellow mental health advocates across Canada. She’s been a bilingual educator in settings here at home, abroad, and through online platforms for years. 

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Jessica - Team Member of The Teacher App

Jessica (She/Her)

Director of Operations

A vocal mental health advocate with a background in communications and logistics, Jessica currently attends Nipissing University for history with concurrent education. She is active in ensuring student voices get heard, working as the Nipissing University Residents’ Council Facilitator and as the Finance & Administration Lead for her chapter.

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Mandy Douglass - Core Team Member of The Teacher App


Director of Partnerships & Development

Mandy is a Quebec City based English Second Language teacher. After meeting founder Amanda during the height of Covid, Mandy knew she wanted to be a part of the Teacher App family. She has taught in the primary, CÉGEP, and adult education sectors. After experiencing first hand the lack of support given to both teachers and students and years of frustrations and burn out, she feels indebted and motivated to fix the problems she has experienced.

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Thamali - Team Member of The Teacher App

Thamali (She/Her)

Director of External Communications

Since high school, Thamali has found a strong passion in mental health advocacy and felt the need to start a Jack Chapter within her community to dismantle barriers while educating the adults in her lives about mental health.

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