Give a teacher a virtual card

We’re sending e-cards to your favourite teachers, made by Alana Thomson, a graphic designer and mental health advocate, to spread the love. We know how much teachers love their job and their students and we think they don’t hear “we love you” enough. Our favourite teachers deserve to be celebrated!

All proceeds will go towards building some new, and exciting projects at The Teacher App! This information will be passed on to your teacher to let them know a donation has been made with them in mind, along with an invitation to join our community.

We have a few options and steps to make this happen. When you’re ready you can scroll all the way down to make the order & be the reason behind a smile! Easy-peasy.

Various teachers holding books and teaching materials

    STEP 1: Pick a design

    Choose one you like, and select it from the dropdown below

    Pink background with picture in flower shape.
    Option 1
    Pink doodles with no picture.
    Option 2
    Blue and pink gradient with picture in circle shape.
    Option 3
    Blue doodles with grey text and no picture.
    Option 4

    STEP 2: Personalise the card with your name, a message, and a picture of you

    Accepted file types: PNG, JPG, JPEG | Max upload size: 10MB

    STEP 3: Tell us their email

    All information remains with us and is password protected

    STEP 4: Send The Teacher App a donation of any amount, and we will send it on your behalf

    Your favourite teacher smiles because you thought of them!

    Thank you for taking the time to make someone feel a little more appreciated and admired. 💛

    We hope it makes you smile as much as it does for the teacher-in-mind. We’re infinitely thankful for people like you, and you deserve to feel the love just as much!

    We use Stripe for our payment processing, so no payment details are sent to us.

    Student reading book with teacher