About Us

The Background

There is a mental health crisis across our education systems in the West. When will we start thinking about the front-liners, our teachers? As mental health advocates, we came together to bring about solutions in this context. Thanks to a national mental health advocacy conference in 2021, we shared virtual space to create dialogue and contribute to positive change in the systems that are creating the future of Canada.

What is currently available today is not sufficient for our teachers to thrive in their workplace.

We got the word out for our cause, and it reached people far and wide, which prompted passionate and creative professionals who believed in our mission to join forces with us! As our assembly grows, so does our voice, and our voice is your voice. Here’s to continuing to amplify the voices of teachers and building on our values to connect, heal, and learn. 

The Problem

Teachers feel alone, undervalued, and unequipped in the mental health sphere. They don’t have the knowledge and skills to address mental health conditions and concerns in their classrooms-they deserve support as a compass to navigate the emotional and cognitive sphere. 

We believe teachers shouldn’t have to do more work or spend ridiculous amounts of money to find solutions that work for them. They deserve a space to be validated, heard, and understood in their frontline work. No general counselling, but rather folks in the education field who get it.  

That’s where The Teacher App steps in.

The Solution

By developing this App, we aim to help teachers take care of themselves and feel stronger when it comes to navigating mental health. We can achieve this through community. 

Some of our features look like: having the opportunity to connect with fellow teachers locally and nationally, by virtual means; texting support at the click of a button where teachers are matched with a mental health professional or a mentor who’s more experienced in the education field; access to a resource hub that’s pre-approved by professionals; and receive targeted suggestions for products and services that truly serve them. 

We are also developing a system for teachers to enjoy caring for their own mental health. By racking up enough points to redeem cool prizes after fulfilling daily prompts and challenges, teachers will be encouraged to keep going. 

We want our approach to be prevention-based, to help decrease the number of teachers who leave the profession due to burnout, lack of motivation, or emotion-overload. We know lack of mental health support weighs heavily on teachers, and we hope teachers know they are not alone in their pursuit of leaving a lasting impact on the world—and that help is only one “TAPP” away. 

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Our A+ Mission is to provide teachers with:


Accessible resources


Ample, empathetic communities


Affordable, professional intervention


Appropriate support tailored towards their needs both inside and outside the classroom


And more...

Our Reach

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